COVID-19 and Travel Delays

Unfortunately, we are temporarily not accepting new host family applications unless you are a family currently hosting an au pair with Au Pair USA.

On June, 22, 2020 the Trump Administration issued a Presidential Proclamation temporarily suspending the issuance of certain categories of non-immigrant visas, including J-1 au pair visas until December 31, 2020.

The temporary suspension means new J-1 visas will not be issued starting June 24, 2020 through December 31, 2020. This means that au pairs without a visa will not be able to travel to the U.S. and start their au pair program in 2020.

The following au pairs will be delayed in obtaining a visa during this period:
  • Applying au pairs
  • Au pairs currently in the matching process
  • Matched au pairs who are still in their home country and have not been issued a J-1 visa
The following au pairs are not impacted by the new suspension:
  • Matched au pairs who are still in their home country with approved visas
  • Au pairs currently in the U.S. either in their first year, extension period
  • Au pairs currently in the U.S. under a COVID-specific, one-time, exceptional extension period
    • 60-day extension
    • Additional 6-month extension

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We are a host family who has matched with an au pair who was scheduled to arrive in 2020. What happens now?

Your Placement Specialist will contact you to discuss the options available to you including canceling your match or deferring your au pair’s arrival to 2021 if the au pair you matched with is available to arrive then.

Will au pairs who have matched with a host family and will turn 27 years of age before obtaining their J-1 visa be eligible to participate in the program?

Unfortunately, au pairs who have not yet received their visa and will turn 27 years old will not be eligible to participate in the program.

Can au pairs currently on the program travel outside of the U.S. and then re-enter?

Persons entering the United States are subject to screening by the Department of Homeland Security. Au pairs holding a valid J-1 visa and DS-2019 form should be eligible to re-enter the U.S. during the suspension period. However, au pairs should be aware that there is always a risk that they will not be permitted to re-enter the United States.

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