Interview Guide

Selecting a compatible caregiver for your family is so important. InterExchange is here to help guide you through the matching process so that you are able to find an au pair that you are excited about hosting and who has the experience and skills you need to care for your children.

Your Program Specialist – An Expert Guide

Your Program Specialist is your expert guide through the matching process. He/she has in-depth knowledge about our currently available au pairs and will make recommendations to you. Your Program Specialist will:

  • Make personalized au pair recommendations
  • Educate you about available au pair nationalities
  • Pre-screen candidates for you upon request
  • Provide you with a second opinion if you need help deciding who to match with
  • Answer all of your questions

Setting Up the Interview

When you have identified an au pair you are interested in, you can place his/her profile ‘on view’ in Passport. This means that you will have exclusive access to interviewing and communicating with the au pair for a limited period of time. When you place an au pair ‘on view’, be ready to move forward quickly with setting up a time to interview. You can send a message to the au pair directly from the Passport system.

Make the most of your interview by following these tips:

  • Have a copy of the au pair’s profile available for you to refer to during the interview.
  • Speak slowly as au pairs tend to be nervous speaking in English and are worried about making a good impression. Put them at ease by acknowledging you understand they might be nervous.
  • Consider using an online translator tool in case you need to translate a word or phrase. Google translate is a good option.
  • Plan to speak to the au pair at least two times to give you both a chance to make a thoughtful decision about committing to a match.

Time Difference Calculator

When proposing interview times, keep in mind that au pairs will typically be in their home country at the time of the interview. Look up the time in the country where the au pair is located.

Consider Using Skype for Your Interview

We recommend using Skype as the preferred way to conduct an interview. Skype is a free software that allows you to video chat for free. You can download Skype.

Questions and Topics to Discuss During the Interview

Your Family

  • Describe your family including: ages of children, parents’ occupations, interests and activities.
  • Describe your home and where you live.
  • Discuss your childcare needs and the au pair’s responsibilities.
  • Describe a typical day in your household.
  • Cover special circumstances such as dietary requirements, any special needs, unique living circumstances, etc.

Childcare Experience

  • Describe your childcare experience.
  • What are the ages of children you have experience working with?
  • What do you like most about working with children?
  • What would the children you have previously cared for say about you?
  • What do you think is the most difficult part about taking care of children?
  • Have you cared for more than one child at a time? If so, how many?
  • What types of activities do you enjoy doing with children?
  • What types of food can you prepare?
  • Do you have any special childcare skills?
  • Have you ever been in an emergency situation while working with children? If yes, how did you handle it?
  • Describe a time you had to handle a child who was not listening to you or misbehaving. What did you do?

Driving Experience

  • Are you comfortable driving children as an au pair?
  • When did you begin driving?
  • When did you get your driver’s license?
  • What are the requirements for getting a driver’s license in your country?
  • How often do you drive?
  • What kind of roads do you typically drive on?
  • Do you own your own car?
  • What type of cars have you driven - manual or automatic transmission?
  • What is the furthest distance you have ever driven?
  • Have you driven in snow?
  • Have you ever been in a car accident or received a ticket?

Personality and Lifestyle

  • Describe what you like to do in your free time.
  • Do you have any special hobbies or talents?
  • Describe your family and your relationship with them.
  • What are your career goals?
  • Describe your experience with household chores (laundry, cooking, etc.).
  • Have you ever lived away from your family?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Is there anything important that we should know about you?

Au Pair’s Motivation and Expectations

  • Why are you interested in becoming an au pair?
  • What do you want to do while you are in the U.S.?
  • What excites you most about becoming an au pair?
  • How do you think you will handle homesickness?
  • What expectations do you have of your host family?
  • What questions do you have about our family?

After the Interview

After your initial interview, you may have a good feeling that the au pair may be a fit for your family. We recommend the following:

  • Send a follow-up message and let the au pair know you are interested
  • Share additional photos and information about your family with the au pair
  • Ask any follow-up questions you are interested in knowing
  • Schedule a time to speak again. We highly recommend you speak at least twice.

Offering the Position and Confirming the Match

When you are ready to match, determine a mutually agreed upon arrival date and click “Offer a Job” from the “My Candidates” page of Passport. Once the au pair accepts, go back to “My Candidates” and click “Confirm a Match”. Fill in the form that asks for the desired arrival date and the date you interviewed the au pair. You will receive an official email notification detailing the next steps within 48 hours.

We Are Here to Help!

Your Program Specialist is available by phone, text or email to support you every step of the way during the matching process.

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