Meet Our 2020 Super Au Pairs!

Au Pair USA congratulates our 2020 Super Au Pair Contest Winner Maureen Jacob from Germany, and all our finalists for their heroic work, acts of kindness and spirit of adventure during their time as an au pair. We are excited to share their super stories here!

Super Au Pair 2020 Winner

Maureen Jacob from Germany and the Snyder family of New Jersey

Super Au Pair Finalists

Roxana Alvarez Marin from Mexico & Lorenzini Family of Washington

RĂ©ka Bartusz from Slovakia & Idrovo-Morales Family of Colorado

Lauri Pedroza from Colombia & Powell Family of New York

Karely Rodriguez from Mexico & Suresh Family of New Jersey

Masayo Sasagawa from Japan & Fukuda Family of California

Ellen Caroline Moura Santos from Brazil & Cohen Family of Massachusetts

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